Hypnotherapy that Champions you, as you now Choose To Be!

Deborah offers an experience of hypnotherapy
... that makes a difference in typically two to three sessions (maximum five)... keeps you in control of the whole process... remembering everything and that you did and said... and remembering the entire delicious experience of hypnosis!
One-to-one sessions in Interactive Hypnotherapy can help you with ...
... blushing, stammering, anxiety disorders, panic attacks, weight loss and eating disorders, insomnia, stress, confidence, and stopping smoking, freedom from depression and fears of all kinds...


by Deborah now available as iPhone Apps here


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TEDx Valletta

New:Conquering your fear of flying, Sunday Times of Malta,27th October 2013.

New: How Hypnotherapy can Help Self-Worth, article in the Times of Malta (15th August 2013, PDF)

New: Prescription for Health and Wellness, letter by Deborah in the Times of Malta, 10th August 2013.

It's good to ask questions

Interactive hypnotherapy is a means of overcoming psychological challenges and enhancing your life. Clients naturally tend to make a lot of enquiries and talk to a lot of people before choosing to follow through with this surprisingly enjoyable experience. Regardless of whether you are seeking information about hypnotherapy for yourself or on behalf of someone else ... or are just curious you discover you can get help for a problem that you may have been putting up with for years ... it is natural that you will wonder what actually happens in hypnotherapy.

What is hypnosis?
Hypnosis is a deep state of relaxation, in which your mind is especially open to constructive suggestions, and to dialogue with your subconscious mind.

What is hypnotherapy?
Hypnotherapy is the use of hypnosis to change your mind for your positive benefit. It also includes coaching you to achieve greater excellence in your life - from sports to giving presentations in your workplace.

What is interactive hypnotherapy?
Interactive hypnotherapy is a process of structured dialogue, while you are in the hypnotic state, during which the therapist gently guides you into making the changes that you wish. Deborah offers one-to-one sessions of hypnotherapy for a wide range of issues. On average, three sessions are required. She also runs training courses in her own distinctive style of interactive hypnotherapy.

How does interactive hypnotherapy differ from direct suggestion?
Direct suggestion usually follows an inflexible formula, while the process of interactive hypnotherapy moulds itself your individual state of mind. Be aware that your hypnotherapist - by listening to and trusting her own intuition - may introduce new steps and may design your hypnotherapy session in a different way. Each session of interactive hypnotherapy is unique. Many different sequences of steps can take you to where you want to be. The interactive and therapeutic dance between both client and therapist is always in motion. Here are the words of a client reflecting on his experience of hypnosis by direct suggestion: "I sat and listened for twenty minutes to a prepared script. It didnít dent the surface. Nice words, but they went over the top. I didnít feel them inside me. I came away, and afterwards felt no difference." Contrast that with the same clientís experience of interactive hypnotherapy: "I feel much more confident about it! There is nothing pushy about it. Itís a bit of a wonderment. It gives me so much food for thought and that in itself is good. The words stay there and you can feed on them."

How can it help in the modern office workplace
The modern office can be a challenging space, and many of us spend a large segment of our lives there. Even the most professional and conscientious worker can encounter difficulties arising from things going on subconsciously - fear of public speaking, stuttering, anxiety attacks, blushing, and so on. Hypnotherapy is not New Age waffle. It is a fast and effective tool for getting sorted. To gain more insight into how hypnotherapy can help you in your workplace, read more ....

Hypnotherapy in Malta
Malta is many ways a very conservative nation, and new forms of therapy may be viewed with suspicion until they have become familiar and better understood. After more than five years of promoting hypnotherapy in Malta, Deborah looks back at how far the Maltese have embraced hypnotherapy. Read more ...

How do I make an appointment?
You are invited to join the increasing number of people who come to hypnosis because they want something that is "positive, constructive and specific." For hypnotherapy appointments in the UK, please call HB Health on 020-7838 0765. (Or, if you are in Malta, please do call Deborah directly on 7927 6611.) Or ... send an email.

Listen to Deborah talking about hypnotherapy: click on the MP3 icon.

What is hypnosis?

What is the relationship with stage hypnosis?

The phenomenon of cultural hypnosis.


iPhone Apps
Three new apps you can download for your iPhone and explore the remarkable realm of the mind with Deborah Marshall-Warren:

Mind Detox

Deborah's ground-breaking book on how to de-clutter your thought processes, clear them of self-defeating scripts, and help yourself to more inner power!
Click here to download this app through iTunes.

I'm Afraid of Hypnosis but I Don't Know Why

If you've ever hesitated to enjoy the benefits of interactive hypnotherapy, then this for you! Busting myths and fears about hypnosis, Deborah takes you in hand and leads you to the brave, new world of hypnotherapy!
Click here to download through iTunes.

Consultancy in the Sun

Deborah's fascinating and informative book on working as a consultant therapist in spas around the world. Based on her own experiences, Deborah gives you the low-down on how to find, and enjoy, work in the expanding global spa market.
Click here to download this app through iTunes.


Chrysalis Online Courses: Certificate in Hypnotherapy

Under the banner of Chrysalis Courses' new Skills, Self, and Spirit courses, Deborah is an online coach for hypnosis and hypnotherapy instruction and education. She is delivering her course, Certificate in Hypnotherapy, from which you will gain a clear understanding of the basic concepts and techniques of hypnotherapy. The course is recognised by the Hypnotherapy Society in the UK. The benefits of this introductory course are:

  • Gain a clear understanding of the basic concepts and techniques of hypnotherapy.
  • Learn about hypnosis and its many uses, including relaxation.
  • Understand the history of hypnotherapy
  • Learn useful skills for your own personal growth.
  • Your first step to becoming a professional hypnotherapist.

For more information, and to enrol, please visit the Chrysalis web site,


HB Health, Knightsbridge, London
Deborah is Consultant Hypnotherapist at the HB Health Clinic. Click on the months below to discover her consultancy dates. These fall within the week that includes the first Monday of every month.
See the HB Health web site,
Please telephone 020-7838 0765 for all UK appointments, or 7927 6611 for appointments in Malta (or email).

HB Health, Knightsbridge

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Mesa Stila, Java

Deborah has been a visiting consultant hypnotherapist at the MesaStila spa (formerly known as the Losari Coffee Plantation Spa). Future dates TBD.


Six Senses Sanctuary, Thailand

Deborah continues to be a visiting consultant hypnotherapist at Six Senses Destination Spa. Future dates TBD. See the Six Senses web site for more information about their spas: By the way, Deborah was featured in Rescu's Wellness Challenge at the former Six Sense Sanctuary in Naka on the island of Phuket last year! See

To follow Facebook news for the Six Senses Sanctuary on the island of Phuket Thailand click here.


Six Senses CD
Deborah and the team at Six Senses have released a great new CD recording. The idea for this was conceived on one of Deborah's visits to Six Senses in June 2009. Deborah has designed the content of the CDs, written and read the script, and a design team at The Hub designed the exquisite cover of the CD. Recordings were made at a studio in England, in February 2010. An initial run 2000 copies are for sale, mostly at Six Senses spas. You can also buy copies online through this web site - click here. The Six Senses newsletter said the CD was "just the ideal take-away to continue your transformational journey at home. The six soothing verbal self hypnosis tonics on our new CD offer a vivid and vital hypnotherapy experience for you to enjoy day after day for your vital, vivid life!"

And here are unsolicited comments from two people who have tried the CD and liked it: "I wanted to tell you about the cd - it was works wonders. It is really powerful. Highly recommendable to anyone who has been struggling with weight issues like myself. Thank you so much!" (from a client in Malta); "A couple of weeks ago Georgina had a bad headache and I gave her your CD to listen to and it got rid of the headache very quickly. I have also given it to Miles on occasion when he has had a migraine and it has worked. It is great!" (from a client in London).

Child Magazine, glossy magazine for mothers and babies, circulated free with the Times of Malta.

The May 2010 edition carries a fascinating article by Deborah of feeding words of wisdom to your infant child.

See also the Times of Malta web site,

Child Magazine, May 2010
"Words, Words, Words: Nutrition for the Mind -- Feed your children with healthy words - the effects will last a lifetime!"

Read the full article here.

First Magazine, supplement to the Malta Independent

First Magazine, which is edited by the well-known Marie Benoit, and is circulated as a glossy colour supplement to the Maltese newspaper The Independent newspaper, is running a series of articles written by Deborah Marshall-Warren to bring the ideas of hypnotherapy into the popular imagination. Combining Deborah's flare for accessible and expressive writing with her extensive experience of hypnotherapy and the uses of the trance state.

From London to the Mediterranean island of Malta, hypnotherapist Deborah Marshall-Warren reflects upon the many ways that trance states impact on our day-to-day lives.

See also the Malta Independent web site,

First Magazine, September 2008
Based on her own experience of learning the Tango dance in Malta, Deborah draws fascinating parallels between the focused and attentive state of mind involved in dancing the Tango and the empathic, trance-like dance of words that takes place in hypnotherapy.

Read the full article here.

First Magazine, October 2008
Bringing out the ideas that were packaged up in the Deborah's best-selling book Mind Detox, Deborah takes our obsession with designer labels for clothes, and brilliantly uses it as a metaphor for how we present ourselves in everyday life. How do we label ourselves, our way of being, our beliefs and habits? Do we accept the labels that other people give us, or do we design our own personal labels? Do we accept other people's definition of us (maybe from many years ago) or do we take the courageous step of defining ourselves?

Read the full article here.

First Magazine, December 2008
Do you feed your emotions? Or do you eat for energy and well-being? Guilt and anxiety never feel filled up. In this article, Deborah Marshall-Warren helps you gain clarity about the roots of your eating habits. When you let go of the emotional weight, your physical weight will remarkably and easily leave your body.

Read the full article here.

First Magazine, February 2009
The Wizard of Oz is a wonderful metaphor for discovering and polish the inner jewels of our mind. Dorothy neets three fellows who become her fellow-travellers. They are all convinced that they individually lack some crucial quality -- the Tin Man has no heart, the Lion has no courage, and the Straw Man has no brain. What they discover through journey through the mysterious landscape of Oz is that they already have those qualities but they lacked belief in themselves. Likewise in interactive hypnotherapy we can re-discover, and polish, jewels of our inner mind, which we thought we lacked.

Read the full article here.

Whole-Being Hypnotherapy training
Deborah has run training in interactive hypnotherapy in London and Malta. The first students are now able to offer hypnotherapy for smoking cessation. Please welcome Dawn-Lorrae, David McKibbin, and Angela Slattery under the 'Whole-Being' banner in the UK; and Marie Louise Camilleri, Astrid Pardew, and Trevor Galea in Malta.

Hypnosis-to-Go is a series of documents (in PDF format) for you to download and use. Be in the know! Both practising hypnotherapists and prospective clients can benefit from the information in these concise documents. This series is being launched with a set of free downloads on the basics, and we will soon be offering regular instalments.

Deborah Marshall-Warren, PGCE, FHS (Emeritus), FRSPH, is a hypnotherapist receiving an international clientele at her practice in the HB Health Clinic in Knightsbridge, London, England. She is an Emeritus Fellow of the Hypnotherapy Society (FHS), and a Fellow of the Royal Society for the Promotion of Health (FRSPH). Deborah is a visiting consultant at the world-class Six Senses Destination Spa. Since Whole-Being Hypnotherapy began in September 1994, Deborah's work has featured in the national press, magazines, radio and television. Thorsons published her best-selling book and audio-tape, Mind Detox. Her follow-on book, I'm Afraid of Hypnosis But I Don't Know Why, is published by Whole-Being Books. Her latest book, A Consultancy in the Sun! was published by Whole-Being Books in April 2006. In conjunction with a world-class spa in Thailand, she has recorded three therapeutic CDs, Health and Well-Being for Life!, And End to Smoking, and Food Choices for Life -- in production and available for purchase!

As an accredited Hypnotherapy Society Trainer, Deborah offers training for practising hypnotherapists who wish to advance their skills to the next level. Please contact Deborah for details of future classes.

Deborah is also available for professional voiceover, offering the same super-soothing voice that she uses in hypnotherapy. A voice-test CD is available on request.

More about Deborah's interactive hypnotherapy ...

Interactive hypnotherapy is a means of overcoming psychological challenges and enhancing your life within three to five sessions. Each session is approximately 90 minutes in duration. Deborah invites you to join the increasing number of people who come to hypnosis because they want something that is "positive, constructive and specific."

Interactive hypnotherapy with Deborah enables people who are experiencing out-of-order emotions and experiences to discover what is at the root - be it at the root of your anxiety, your panic attacks, your insomnia, or your lack of confidence - whatever the issue may be. You can use hypnotherapy to tap into the Law of Attraction, by gain clarity and focus on what you really want. And ... "If you want to be of the greatest value to others, see them as you know they want to be." (Abraham 'Quote' from The Law of Attraction, by Esther and Jerry Hicks,

Deborah is a gifted, empathic, and respected London hypnotherapist who works with clients from many parts of the world - many of whom fly into London to see her. She is Deputy Chair of the Hypnotherapy Society (HS) UK, and is the author of three books.  Deborah offers a potent source of nutrition for the mind. Blushing, stammering, anxiety disorders, panic attacks, weight loss and eating disorders, insomnia, stress, confidence, and stopping smoking, freedom from depression and fears of all kinds...

Whatever is on your wish-list, Deborah's form of interactive hypnotherapy can really shift you towards success and help ring in transformative change for you. You are in control. You get to choose the words or phrases that best reflect your experience of yourself, and then you get to choose as your best inner personal coach, the words and phrases that express how you really, really want to be. These kinds of opportunities to participate illustrate the driving force you play in a session. You can use hypnotherapy as a springboard from which to jump into the Law of Attraction with both feet - being very clear and confident about what you genuinely want.

One of the commonest challenges for which people seek hypnotherapy is smoking: hypnotherapy is proven to be, alongside acupuncture, one of the most successful ways to stop smoking.

Deborah has clients presenting with anxiety disorders, panic attacks, insomnia, weight loss, confidence, self-esteem issues and more... for, if you can think of it, you can use interactive hypnotherapy to change it. And even when you are not quite sure of what you really want, but have a sense that how you feel is not quite ‘right’, hypnotherapy can be the best form of personal coaching by which you can choose to invest in your life.

See practical details of appointments, please see the appointments page. For practising hypnotherapists: please see the training courses page. Deborah sees clients in the UK at the HB Clinic on Knightsbridge, at her own hypnotherapy practice in Malta, and she is a regular Visiting Consultant Hypnotherapist at the Six Senses Destination Spa on Naka Yai island, Phuket, Thailand (

"I wonder ... why doesn't
everybody do this?"

- most frequent comment by clients


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