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Dawn-Lorrae has completed her training and is a fully qualified Whole-Being Interactive Hypnotherapist.

"Hi, I’m Dawn-Lorrae and my practice is based in the Charlton Kings area of Cheltenham. I was first introduced to the idea of the holistic approach to healing when I attended a Diploma Course in Clinical Aromatherapy. Ever since then I have been dedicated to helping people towards fulfilling their true potential and finding lasting inner peace and happiness.

"Besides my Diploma in Whole-Being Interactive Hypnotherapy, I also have a Diploma in Psychotherapy as well as Clinical Aromatherapy. I have been trained in Hot Stone Therapy, Remedial Massage, Indian Head Massage and in the use and administration of Bach Flower Remedies. I not currently practising the physical therapies like massage as I now find myself guided towards the more Cognitive Therapies and Spiritual Disciplines. I find the knowledge that I have gained from the various courses that I have been on such as the physiology of the human body and the psychology of the human mind invaluable for the work I do, especially in relation to clients suffering from stress and stress related problems. I am also a Reiki Master/Teacher in the Usui System of healing and a Reiki Master/Teacher in Karuna Reiki and offer Reiki treatments and Reiki Courses for all levels of Reiki.

Telephone: 01242-519208
Email dawn.lorrae@virgin.net.


Angela Slattery runs a successful hypnotherapy practice in Cheshire, and has helped people from all walks of life to achieve positive change in their own lives. Angela is an Interactive Hypnotherapist and holds a Diploma in Whole-Being Interactive Hypnotherapy, is a Licentiate Member of the Hypnotherapy Society and is a Member of the UK Register of IBS Therapists. Angela adheres closely to a rigorous Code of Ethics and all consultations are carried out in a strictly professional and confidential manner.

Following a successful business career, involved in Marketing, Public Relations and Information Technology, Angela has built on her management experience of working with teams and individuals across organisational boundaries, at both senior and international level. Angela has been involved with psychology and personal growth and development matters for many years. This has given her a unique insight into the workings of our inner minds and the knowledge of what people truly need to help them resolve issues and move forward to a freer, more joyful life.

Angela specialises in helping people with: weight control, smoking cessation, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), stress management, building self-esteem and confidence, improving business performance, resolving anxiety & nervous disorders, enhancing sporting performance and resolving issues from the past.

It was during a time of illness that Angela herself experienced a series of hypnotherapy sessions. Seeing the profound and therapeutic benefits of hypnosis, Angela realised how everyone can benefit from this therapy and that the ‘fast track’ methodology of Interactive Hypnotherapy can help people achieve results in a far shorter space of time than many other types of therapy.

Telephone: 0161-432 1891 or 07758-712698
E-mail: angela.slattery@virgin.net


David McKibbin is based in Waddon, near East Croydon, South London.

David is offering sessions in interactive hypnotherapy. He writes:

"The hypnotic suggestions are generated from dialogue with the client, in which the client is guided to access words and phrases within himself or herself. All suggestions therefore are created from the client's vocabulary, to introduce a strong positive message to the sub-conscious. All the suggestions for the sub-conscious are the client's own not the therapist’s.

"Whole-Being Interactive Hypnotherapy follows carefully choreographed scripts, which were devised by Deborah Marshall-Warren over a decade of professional practice.

  • "Smoking Cessation Therapy is a highly effective way to stop smoking. The therapy usually comprises one session of ninety minutes’ duration. The fee does, however, include a back-up as a ‘cushion’ for a client in the event that he or she might need further support.
  • "Inner Child Therapy allows for long-standing behavioural patterns and beliefs to be released and for the client to gain the awareness needed to let these patterns or beliefs go. This work is completed in a gentle way, and follows the guidance scripts of Whole-Being Interactive HypnotherapyTM.

"At the time of writing, I am completing my sign-off training for a Professional Diploma in Whole-Being Interactive Hypnotherapy, with Deborah Marshall-Warren. The two final stages will be completed by August 2006. I will then be offering interactive hypnotherapy in a broader range of areas.

Telephone: 020-8681 4726
Mobile: 07769-917990
E-mail: amaelpure@yahoo.co.uk
Web: www.newenergyhypnotherapy.com

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