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Mental Asset Management using Hypnotherapy

Your work CV may be printed out on heavyweight Conquerer paper, but your emotional CV may be paper thin. When you are close to, or do experience, a breakdown, a meltdown, or a total emotional outage, then choosing inner one-to-one personal coaching can engage you in an investigative conversation that lets you discover the Back Office assets of your own mind, lets you de-fragment the inner space, jettison the obsolete emotional kit, and upgrade and bring to the fore your top assets.

Interactive hypnotherapy can support you in accessing the situation, and the emotions surrounding the circumstances when your emotional CV got stuck. Imagine in deep relaxation being transported directly to a track on your inner CD, and being able to perform some fine tuning and disc recovery. Together with your hypnotherapist you may be guided to negotiate and to persuade and to re-envisage in an empowering way a situation that has been holding you back. Quite literally, keeping your brain’s ‘Front Office’ skills up-to-the minute is great, but as a true mover and shaker you need to manage your sub conscious ‘Back Office’ resources too - the emotional estate that underpins your mental performance.

Tip to Be your own Champion! Take a few moments. Sit down. Pause... and Breathe calmly... Sense you are holding a golden prize cup. On it are engraved your achievements. Allow yourself permission to remind yourself of them, digest them, own them and smile about them... inwardly and outwardly. Take time to feel proud. Now imagine a younger self... maybe your twenty-something self starting out. Imagine yourself handing over your cup to this younger you, and inwardly saying (for example) "You did well. I love you. I am proud of you." Choose whatever words come to mind but let your younger self at whatever age, know you are happy, approving and proud of their success. Self acceptance is key! Interactive hypnotherapy can help you acheive that feeling!

Imagine... you have a work CV that you conscientiously keep bang up-to-date. You add each and every new role, responsibility and acheivment in your working life. However, your emotional CV can get stuck way back when, and you can seem to be moving forward into your successful future looking through a rear view mirror of the past, be it past fears, failures, or insecurities. Interactive hypnotherapy can support you in accessing key situations, circumstances, and the emotions surrounding the circumstances when your emotional CV got stuck.

Consider the disparity in the case of an Executive manager who bangs his or her fists on the boardroom table when s/he wants something done?like a four year old screaming "I want it now". What is that all about? At first, it might seem surprising that the executive big-shot is running infant experiential mindware in his/her head, but ... isn’t executive truth sometimes stranger than fiction? Perhaps a boardroom colleague blushes when relaying the weekly briefing, or stutters, or panics, suffering anxiety inwardly when under scrutiny. What is that all about really? Imagine the relief this individual experiences when at last they can pass the verbal bat to the next player on the team? Another senior manager may curiously be regularly and reliably unavailable to attend presentations and key meetings, and perhaps due to his level of seniority only a few get to wonder why? Professionally he may be sick in the stomach at the thought of public speaking?a plausible truth for one terrified of being found out. Many successful people are chronically afraid of not being good enough; not worthy enough; not deserving enough; not bright enough; - terrified of being discovered to be a fake. And yet, you would never believe it, as this member of the talent team hides these personal realities very well. You would never believe that the over-achiever at the Boardroom table experiences a sense of fear of being found to be inadequate. The outer CV may be impressively solid, while the interior self-assessment might be crumbling.

Interactive hypnotherapy can effectively support you and champion you... and build your foundations from inner strength.

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