Whole-Being Hypnotherapy

Review by Marie Benoit

Published in: The Malta Independent, 28th March 1999

We are all becoming aware of the importance of detoxing our bodies, but what about detoxing our minds? Negative thoughts, poor self-esteem, low self-image, anger, frustration, and even pain are just as toxic as substances that can send your body into overdrive.

Mind Detox: How to cleanse your mind and coach yourself to inner power teaches you to let go of negative labels and negative conditioning and boost self-confidence and well-being with powerful dialogue techniques which combine relaxation, contemplation, and creative visualisation. It shows you how to clean away the cobwebs and negative thoughts that stop you realizing your potential by teaching you the art of personal inner coaching. This allows you to get in touch with your "wise part" -- the part of you that is creative, energetic, successful, and loving -- and make sure this "wise part" turns up when you need it, responds positively to life, and generally helps get what you want.

Whatever you want to do -- build confidence, lose weight, face a tough public speaking engagement or give up smoking -- Mind Detox lets you tap into your own inner power and change your life.

Deborah Marshall-Warren is a leading hypnotherapist in private practice. She is also a visiting consultant to the Harbour Club Medical Clinic, and the Laboratory Spa and Health Clinics in London, UK.

Note: Since this review was published, Deborah has let go of her consultancy work at the Harbour Club and the Laboratory, in order to accommodate her increased workload in her West hampstead practice.]

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