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For sevral years, Deborah has been providing training in her own signature style of interactive hynpnotherapy. Listed below are some of her former students who have gone on to offer successful hypnotherapy practices of their own. To read what people have written about Deborah's work, click on endorsements.


Miriam Sultana, based in Luqa, Malta, has completed the accredited training under Deborah Marshall-Warren to receive her Diploma as a Whole-Being Interactive Hypnotherapist and is presently practising under supervision.

Miriam is a passionate researcher and speaker on the subject of hypnosis.

Telephone 2166 0656 (landline) and 9940 1779 (mobile)


Smoking cessation only

Marie Louise Camilleri was born in Malta in 1960. "My propensity to help those in need, coupled to my inquisitiveness in subjects related to the mind exposed me early in life to the powers that could be realized by the human mind. Now a trained specialist in using hypnotherapy for smoking cessation under the Whole-Being Hypnotherapy banner, I have the skills and passion to make a big difference to the lives of individuals who want to stop smoking. My health and beauty specialism has also assisted me in developing insights into human nature."

Telephone: 7950 0050


Smoking cessation only

Astrid's interest in hypnotherapy started when she attended a talk by Deborah Marshall-Warren. "I felt that hypnotherapy was a far cry from the world of 'hypnosis' that we see on stage -- that, in fact, hypnotherapy is a powerful tool to help people. I subsequently enrolled as a student on Deborah's course, and am happy to say that I found the course extremely interesting. It is a great pleasure to be able to help people, especially knowing that hypnotherapy is totally devoid of any side effects, unlike so many medications that many of us so readily take nowadays. I am happy to say that under Deborah's expert guidance and tuition, I recently gained my certificate as a Smoking Cessation Specialist and look very much forward to helping smokers overcome this self-destructive addiction."

Telephone: 9945 5840.

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