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The following are some of the articles that have been published about Deborah in the British media, and articles by Deborah her. If you don't have time to read all these, you can scan through the Quotes from the Press.

  • An Investment in your Professional and Personal Development (September / October 2006)
    Today's Therapist: article by Deborah Marshall-Warren on: Working abroad in a spa is an investment in your professional development.

  • The Opportunity of a Consultancy in the Sun is Now! (July/August 2006)
    Today's Therapist: article by Deborah Marshall-Warren on: The origins of Deborah's book, Consultancy in the Sun!.

  • All roads lead to a state called R-e-l-a-x (May/June 2006)
    Today's Therapist: article by Deborah Marshall-Warren on: The modern spa offers many and veries routes to relaxation.

  • The Modern-Hermit (March/April 2006)
    Today's Therapist: article by Deborah Marshall-Warren on: Spa retreats embrace the modern-day hermit.

  • Interactive hypnotherapy: a therapeutic dance (July 2004)
    Today's Therapist: article by Deborah Marshall-Warren on how interactive hypnotherapy works.

  • Book review (October 2003)
    Irish Psychiatrist: review of: I'm Afraid of Hypnosis But I Don't Know Why by Deborah Marshall-Warren.

  • Frequently asked questions (July 2003)
    Here's Health: Hypnotherapy ... your questions answered by Deborah Marshall-Warren.

  • Fear of hypnosis (May 2003)
    Malta Times, Weekender magazine: are you afraid of hypnosis ... but don't know why?

  • Stopping smoking (November 2002)
    Daily Mirror newspaper: using a single session of hypnotherapy to stop a fifty-a-day smoking habit.

  • Autism (June 2002)
    Autism London bulletin: using hypnotherapy to help a little boy to cope with anxiety associated with his autism.

  • Detoxification (May 2002)
    The Independent on Sunday newspaper: What is the 'orange-liquid detox' about? And does it work?

  • Blushing (February 2002)
    Marie Claire magazine: Can interactive hypnotherapy really help with blushing?

  • Smoking (December 2000)
    The Sun newspaper: Sally Janes and Martha Roberts compare five different ways to stop smoking -- including Deborah's hypnotherapy!

  • Anger (November 2000)
    Elle magazine: Markie Robson-Scott writes about ways of dealing with anger, especially in women. The approaches include Deborah's hypnotherapy.

  • Blushing (March 2000)
    Marie Claire magazine: "Second Opinion: Flustered about Flushing" is an item in Susana Gaby's column, based on over twenty years as a medical journalist. Susana recommends Deborah's hypnotherapy for conquering excessive blushing.

  • Self-image (February 2000)
    Zest magazine: "Update Your Emotional CV" is a brief article by Kate Rew, on updating the emotional equivalent of your work CV (or resumé), again using Deborah's Mind Detox method.

  • New-Year Resolutions (January 2000)
    Here's Health magazine: "Overhaul Your Life: Hypnotherapy" is a brief article by Vicky Wisdom, on how to carry through with your new-year resolutions with hypnotherapy, using Deborah's Mind Detox method.

  • A Design for Living by Carmel Allen and The De-Stress Test by Zoe Souter.
    These two articles were published by Vogue magazine in June 1999 and October 1996. Read about the experiences and assessments of two Vogue journalists who underwent Deborah's hypnotherapy to help them deal with life's stresses.

  • Book review (March 1999)
    Malta Independent: Review of Mind Detox by Marie Benoit.

  • Skiing (November 1998)
    Guardian newspaper: "Hypnotic Action" is an article by journalist Nicky Holford, about using hypnotherapy to help in skiing. If you are nervous about being in high places, going in a cable-car, or skiing near steep drop-offs, then hypnotherapy can equip you to handle these aspects of skiing: to 'feel the fear but do it anyway'.

  • Confidence (August 1998)
    Daily Mail newspaper: "Take a Chance on a Trance to help your Confidence" is an article by Nicky Holdford, about using hypnotherapy to boost confidence -- in weddings, interviews, or in the boardroom. If the thought of standing up and talking to a group of people brings you out in a cold sweat, then hypnotherapy can help to ground you and clear your mind so that you can do your best.

  • Hypnotherapy versus stage hypnosis (August 1996)
    Here's Health magazine: "Hypnosis: Are You Ready to Change Your Mind?" is an article by Deborah, in which she reassures her readers that hypnotherapy is nothing like stage hypnosis. In hypnotherapy, the emphasis is very much of making you feel confident and empowering you to make just those changes to your mind that you want to make.

  • Stress Management (January 1996)
    The Guardian newspaper: "Stress Busters" is an article by John Illman, about managing stress with hypnotherapy.

  • Relaxation (January 1996)
    Financial Times newspaper: "Liquid Therapy for the New Year" is an article by Lucy Kellaway, about relaxing from stress with Deborah's mildly hypnotic 'Orange Liquid Therapy'.

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