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I arrived half-way round the bend with pre-Christmas strain, tense, on the verge of hysteria" and emerged 45 minutes later "cheerful, unbothered even by Oxford Circus in the rain at rush hour.

Lucy Kellaway,
The Financial Times
The Financial Times web site

John Illman,
Health Editor, The Guardian
The Guardian web site

I had never been hypnotised before and was genuinely surprised (as I suspect most people are) that I went into trance so quickly. I was totally disinclined to open my eyes and surrendered myself completely to the idea of the soothing orange liquid filling my body.

Marshall-Warren guides her subjects through the soothing, tingling experience until stresses dissolve away ... At no stage are you asked to eat a raw onion!

Sarah Perrin
Accountancy Age

Gerald Jacobs
The Jewish Chronicle

This provides a 'de-tox for both the body and the mind'. Put like that, it sounded just the ticket for a weary, run-down,overstretched and overstressed journalist. Now, where could I find someone like that...?

Using hypnotherapy, Deborah Marshall-Warren places in the patient's mind the image of a warm 'Orange Liquid' flowing upwards through the body, inducing deep relaxation and a mental detox.

Donna Lythgo
Business Age Magazine

Rita Rodger
Best magazine

She told me that my cares would be washed away by gentle waves. And they were! After the therapy, I felt really confident, happy and better able to cope with everyday life.

It sounds a bit off-the-wall, but I have to admit, I re-emerged from trance feeling as if I'd just had a couple of hours of massage. What's more, the results of the therapy persist. Now every time I feel stressed and anxious, out comes that orange liquid - and I'm not talking about brandy.

Jan Masters
Health & Beauty Director
of New Woman

(August 1996)

Zoe Souter, Model booker,
Vogue magazine

(October 1996)

Having been initially very sceptical about hypnotherapy, I am now recommending Deborah to all my stressed friends. Generally I feel more confident and calmer ...
(See full report.)

Deborah Marshall-Warren works with corporate clients through her consultancy Whole-Being Hypnotherapy. She has recently worked with solicitors in South Kensington, Lloyd & Associates ....and frequently treats highly pressured workers such as company CEOs and investment bankers on an individual basis.

PR Week
(December 1996)

Marie Farquarson
Here's Health magazine

(January 1997)

I slumped into hypnotherapist Deborah Marshall-Warren's practice frazzled. My mind was bursting with worry about how I would get done all the things I had to do that day I floated out of Deborah's practice feeling that anything was possible just as long as ong as I believed I could accomplish it.

Smokers are just one of Ms Marshall-Warren's client groups. She sees everyone from people desperate to lose weight to brides-to-be wanting to combat nerves on their big day.

Jo Carlowe
Ham & High

(14 March 1997)

Jennifer Jenner
Sunday Times Style Supplement,
Mind & Body

(July 1997)

Since Deborah started her two half-day clinics at the Harbour Club last October, ...,they have proved popular enough for the club to extend the number of hours she is on site. Many of her clients are executives and City traders who find it hard to make the time to work out.

The orange-liquid detox is a highly successful course
of direct-suggestion hypnosis practised by
a respected London therapist

James Harkin
The Independent on Sunday The Sunday Review,
Detox Nation

(May 2002)

Rebecca Stalley
Marie Claire,
Does It Really Work?

(February 2002)

After two further sessions, I felt considerably
more self-assured...and when I had to speak
on a course in front of a large group,
I remained calm and didn't blush at all.
What a result!

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