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Our smokers test top aids for kicking the evil weed
Article by Sally Janes and Martha Roberts

Excerpt from an article that appeared in the Sun newspaper, on Friday, 29th December 2000.

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There's no denying that giving up smoking is tough -- particularly in the first two weeks when there is still nicotine in the body and the craving won't go away. The quitters tend to fall into two camps. Those who boast that will-power alone is all they need to kick the habit -- and those who need help. But the willpower group account for only three per cent of those who give up. The vast majority need a hand. But which aid to stubbing out smoking should you choose? Sun Health has road tested five different cures -- patches, prescription drug Zyban, herbal remedies, hypnotherapy, and books. And we did it all under the most extreme circumstances. We asked our would-be quitters to give up before Christmas when the party season was at its height. Two weeks later -- the crucial point -- here are the results.

[In their article, Sun journalists Sally Janes and Martha Roberts quote the verbatim reports of each of their five smokers. Below is the report from the one who came to Whole-Being Hypnotherapy. -- DMW]

NANCY FORDHAM, a 28-year-old PA from Woodford, Essex, smokes 20 a day. She says:

I've been smoking for eleven years. My parents both smoke, so I've always been around smokers. Although I used to nag them about it when I was younger, by eighteen I was smoking myself. Both of them have been trying to give up, although my dad gave in recently because he missed his 40 to 60 a day.

I thought it was about time I tried to give up, too. I've thought about what it is doing to my health for some time now. I decided to go for hypnotherapy and chose Deborah Marshall-Warren, an 'interactive' hypnotherapist.

She put me into a state of heightened relaxation and I was like that for about an hour. I told her I wanted to give up for health reasons, as well as telling her I was anxious that I might eat more to make up for it.

Throughout the whole thing I was aware of what was going on, even though I expected to be in a trance. She made me think of all sorts of things, including the state of my lungs and imagining what a room full of my cigarette butts would look like.

Seven hours after seeing Deborah, I still hadn't had a cigarette and I really didn't feel like one. Normally, I'd have smoked at least six at that point. I knew it wasn't going to be easy staying off cigarettes, especially as I had a lot of parties to go to. Friends lighting up around me while I just sat there and watched was difficult. I must admit that I had one on Christmas Day. I couldn't help myself. But as well as feeling light-headed from not smoking for so long, I also felt really annoyed with myself.

After that I didn't even go near another one. I just didn't want to at all. I don't know whether it's the hypnotherapy that did it, or whether it's just that I really want to kick the habit for good. But I feel that it's given me a really good start on the road to giving up. I would certainly recommend it.

RESULT: Success

COSTS £295. For details, contact Deborah Marshall-Warren of Whole-Being Hypnotherapy, on 020-7432 0307.

[Deborah adds: The cost of £295 does include a back-up session within six-months. (By the way, this price is for stopping smoking only. There is a different pricing scheme for other hypnotherapy sessions.) For the stopping-smoking session itself, allow 1 hour and 45 minutes. The back-up session lasts 1 hour. Please note that 48 hours is required for a cancellation.

The only pre-requisite for the hypnotherapy to work is a genuine desire to stop smoking. Hypnotherapy works like an amplifier for your motivation and your will power. When you really want to do something, such as giving up smoking, then hypnotherapy can boost your motivation and the power of your will -- all the way up to the level that you need to succeed. Ultimately, it is you that stops smoking, and hypnotherapy makes it easier. Interactive hypnotherapy is not mind control. You are in control at all times. As Nancy wrote in her report above, you will be fully aware of what is going on throughout the whole session. Indeed, if you are expecting hypnotherapy to involve some weird experience, you may even wonder, as Nancy did: 'Am I really in hypnosis?' The definite answer to that question comes afterwards, when you find that the desire to smoke has mysteriously vanished!

Finally, may I share a message from another client, Peter Katsantonis: "This is a small message to thank you for your contribution in helping me to give up smoking. Since our session over two weeks ago I haven't had a single puff. Not only I haven't had the wish to smoke but the 'magical' part is that I don't miss it. I feel angry with myself why I did not do this earlier. The session I had with you was the best investment I ever made for my health and better being. It feels like a miracle!" -- DMW]

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Deidre Sanders recommends ...
Deborah Marshall-Warren is no stranger to the Sun. She made a brief appearance in the Sun in the previous year, when Deidre Sanders ("The World's No. 1 Agony Aunt") recommended Deborah's book Mind Detox to one of her readers. (Wednesday, 13th January 1999.)

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