Whole-Being Hypnotherapy

Article by Deborah Marshall-Warren

Published in Today's Therapist, March 2006

Aloneness is no longer the province of the monk, the nun, or the hermit, the writer, or the artist. Aloneness is a desire of many modern human beings, which they call retreat. To retreat and refuel and redress the balance in our caffeine-fuelled lives. Aloneness in the midst of other loners is an acceptable place. Bliss beckons. And there are more and more disciples of bliss.

the opportunity of a consultancy in the sun

These heaven-sent, heaven-scented havens are beginning to seek highly qualified, professional therapists, coaches, and specialists in a wide variety of disciplines for guest consultancies.

the spa happening is now

Almost every large hotel group and chain is moving towards creating outlandishly luxurious spa environments across the world. Asia is of particular note, but opportunities are to be found far and wide - as hotel operations venture forth to be pioneers in ever more out-of-the-way locations.

what can you offer?

Consider for a moment whether your therapy or coaching expertise can help in any of these areas of modern life: stress management and relaxation; weight control and healthy eating; detoxification; rejuvenation; personal empowerment; smoking cessation and much more.

how long do you want to go for?

You may be surprised to discover that your consultancy could be as short as fourteen days. This allows you to prepare to be away more easily, and to schedule these ‘away-days’ in the sun into your overall professional and personal life. A spa consultancy can offer the gateway to living the dream in short bursts. And for those who are considering a more permanent move, perhaps seeking to purchase a home in the sun, a spa working experience can afford you the security of test-driving the dream location.

lovely location

Your base is in a tranquil and relaxed setting, one that may be rivalled by few other places anywhere in the world. Your immediate environ may overlook an ocean, or a national park. Stunning panoramic views are a feast for your eyes, so easy is it to be enchanted by the magic of your lush, landscaped surroundings. The environment alone can enhance your sense of well-being and presence of mind.

use of the facilities

As a consultant, in addition to accommodation, and delicious spa cuisine, you generally have access to almost all of the unforgettable range of professional spa facilities and treatments. You have access to the gym and to the pool. And you get paid consultancy fees too!

international clientele

You gain an opportunity to work with an English-speaking and international clientele from around the entire world. And you have exposure to guests who may follow up by visiting you back in your home country.

public relations

You will benefit from the PR activities to herald your consultancy, and to support your consultancy throughout the duration of your stay. These PR activities continue as your relationship with your consultancy spa evolves and develops. Welcome to your consultancy in the sun!

Deborah Marshall-Warren is Consultant Hypnotherapist to an International Health Resort in Thailand. She is also the author of A Consultancy in the Sun!.

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