Whole-Being Hypnotherapy

Article by Deborah Marshall-Warren

Published in Today's Therapist, March 2006

The spa industry is undergoing an unprecedented growing across the globe. More spas are opening each year, and many existing spas are expanding. This is happening more quickly than ever before, and the growth is accelerating. If you are a therapist, a coach, or a beauty specialist, the world of spas is wide open and waiting for you!

Consider how special and unusual this situation is?

When you are working in a destination spa, your potential client is neither coming from the office, nor is he going to the office. He is not squeezing you in between high-pressure activities. Spa resorts may allow children. Destination spas are child-free. A mother is neither rushing from the school run, nor is she rushing to collect her kids for the journey home or to take them to post-school activities. She is coming from a tai chi class to see you. Following your session, she is going to an abdominal exercise class, and then on for a massage. He is coming from a yoga class. After you he is going to the steam room, en route to a massage.

All roads lead to a state called R-e-l-a-x

Relaxation and a balanced state of mind enhance every-thing. It is much easier to work therapeutically in all kinds of change work with guests who are relaxed throughout their entire being.

Guests are being conditioned to relax and to cleanse in so many different ways. They are being ‘relaxed’ as they progress from treatment to massage, and from massage to treatment, so that when a guest arrives for your session he is generally in a state of deep contentment and bliss. From my own perspective, I believe that between sessions guests maintain a state of relaxed receptivity, and are therefore more open to receiving, appreciating, and valuing what you do. The ease with which guests glide into the state of hypnosis is comfortingly apparent to me, and I would anticipate equally as apparent to you and as conducive to the therapy you offer too. You are likely to find that against this background of ease and receptivity the effectiveness of your therapeutic discipline increases.

Guests too are guided by their in-ner sense of self and truth. Often the soul-sense finds ex-pression. Stillness is a therapy all of its own.

The odds on your therapy bringing speedily tangible and superlatively positive results are stacked high. Potentially, you can achieve results in fewer sessions than would be needed ordinarily in a client’s everyday environment. As many of you know, the ‘clarity’ and the ‘insight’ continue to inform and to enfold at a subconscious level when the client leaves your consulting room, depending of course on the therapy involved.

Deborah Marshall-Warren is Consultant Hypnotherapist to an International Health Resort in Thailand. She is also the author of A Consultancy in the Sun!

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