Whole-Being Hypnotherapy

Article by Deborah Marshall-Warren

Published in Today's Therapist, July 2006

The Health and Beauty Training Show, organised by Today’s Therapist, elicited many questions from visitors, questions that were not just about the beach balls at my feet! They were questions as to how the idea of A Consultancy in the Sun! had come about.

Time and again, I found myself relaying the story of an opportunity that was offered to me. It is a story that is nurturing, encouraging and championing of the real possibility for therapists, coaches, holistic specialists, and others to earn money abroad.

The story was this: during my second Consultancy in the Sun, I was offered the opportunity by a leading resort spa to work for two months at a time in each of several locations. These included Thailand, Vietnam, Maldives, Greece, Turkey, Dominican Republic, Portugal, and in the future Qatar, Jordan, and Oman, offering my therapy specialism, hypnotherapy, to the same standard, and in pretty much the same set-up in each country, allowing for cultural shifts.

As a single specialist wishing to see the world and to be paid to do so, you may well find this kind of opportunity inviting for a year or two. Also it is a wonderful opportunity for someone who, after a lifetime in a significant relationship is moving on solo, and is searching for a different path ? one that offers a different perspective to view life from - and one that is care-free, spontaneous, confidence-building and adventurous. And if you suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD) then what’s in your way? You can take a maverick step!

As a happily married Consultant I did not fit either scenario, but the thought immediately occurred, ‘Hey, not me! but another therapist could!’

And so was born the idea that you could embrace an opportunity to work abroad for either a longer period of time, or a shorter, more manageable period of time such as a fortnight, which is what I do ? and potentially expand your practice and your horizons.

You need to be pro-active. Your practice set-up already demonstrates that skill. You need intelligence. You need to be balanced. You need to be positive, and enthusiasm carries you miles. And you need to be a professional. More than likely you are demonstrating those exact skills every working day.

Take a look in any spa journal and you’ll be convinced. They are packed full with column-inches of celebrating words and phrases, together with glorious photographs describing, and unwrapping the spa interiors for you to see. How evocative can they be! They seem to conspire together to shout, Hello!, OK!, and Now! Wake up and smell the frangipani! Hear the cicadas!

  • Hello!, to an opening opportunity to broaden your perspective, and gain a different perspective from which to view your work and your destiny.
  • OK!, for there are many emerging enterprises in which you can gain experience of setting up a periodic practice in the sun.
  • Now!, is the time to launch upon a new lifestyle for your practice! And to include yourself as ripe for renewal! As you go about your spa work you have the opportunity to recharge, to revive, to detox, to tune-in, and to create!

Deborah Marshall-Warren is Consultant Hypnotherapist fsan International Health Resort in Thailand. She is also the author of A Consultancy in the Sun!

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