Whole-Being Hypnotherapy

Article by Deborah Marshall-Warren

Published in Today's Therapist, July 2006

Over the last five issues of Today’s Therapist I have been writing to encourage and to champion you as an adventurous therapist to step out and achieve your own consultancy in the sun! As I write, one reader is enjoying a two week consultancy as a Healer at Chiva-Som International Health Resort in Thailand, and two readers are making arrangements to consult in spa resorts based in Vietnam and in the Maldives in early 2007. Their excitement is palpable and their consultancies have been easily achieved. So what is stopping you making the leap, and allowing your wings to grow? Are you wondering, Will I lose out by working abroad? Will I be losing clients and income that I would have had in my home country? A truer way to see working abroad is as an investment in your professional development, rather than as a loss. With investments of any kind, you put resources of time and money in, with the expectation of getting a greater return. International spa work is an opportunity to invest in yourself, and the return on that investment will include benefits that cannot be quantified in cash terms ?- a broader perspective on therapies, a wider and deeper skill set, international recognition and valid-ation. Your return on the investment is not guaranteed, but it is very likely to be positive. So, focus instead upon the potential new clients, the different clients, the follow-up referrals back in your home practice, and the public-relations openings coming your way.

Trust. Trust that clients are willing to hang on for you back home. You are away for a limited time, perhaps as short as eighteen days, so keep in mind that often clients have been hold-ing on for years! Perhaps a few may go elsewhere, but perhaps they would have done so anyway. Those clients who hold your therapeutic name and abilities dear, will hold on and will get back in touch, to book new appointments, at the end of your impressive and valuable consultancy stay.

Therapists who are mothers, and whose child is of an age, or level of security, confidence, and independence to cope may be able to delegate their parenting role for two weeks to a father, or to a relative who can manage being hands-on, whilst mum is away. And likewise therapist fathers.

Be open to the possibility that in the future, a successful series of consultancy experiences may open the way for negotiat-ion with respect to an adult family member joining you in your accommodation for a moderate fee, or exchange of skill. Alternatively, when the location is not too remote and there are other accommodation options, family members could opt to stay in other private or hotel accommodation close by.

Already, so many of us are managing an expanding portfolio life. This opportunity offers you the possibility of one aspect of your portfolio being a consultancy in the sun! ? an opportunity you can choose to nurture to become a bi-annual or a quarterly experience in your clinic and practice lives.

Deborah Marshall-Warren is Consultant Hypnotherapist to an International Health Resort in Thailand. She is also the author of A Consultancy in the Sun!

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