Whole-Being Hypnotherapy

Article by Kate Rew

Published in Zest magazine, February 2000

Deborah Marshall-Warren is an interactive hypnotherapist who specialises in helping people to let go of the negative baggage that leads them to make the wrong decisions. 'Birthdays - particularly big ones like turning 30 - and New Year are a good time to make decisions', she says, 'because they are times we look at our perceptions of ourselves. We update our work CVs all the time but often our emptional CVs have remained static since the age of ten. Opportunities may be staring you in the face but if you're locked into an old perception of yourself (that you didn't get the right O levels or have been called lazy, stupid, useless, or shy), you won't feel free to embrace them. To make the right choices you must design your own labels rather than wear the ones you were given - you need to update your CV so it can empower you in the here and now.

'We talk to ourselves all the time' and our subconscious notices the words we use about ourselves and our problems. Start listening to yourself: if you're finding it difficult to make a decision, build a team to help you through it. Identify the rogues and saboteurs (Fear, Conflict, Loneliness) currently blocking you, as well as the team players on your side (Imagination, Self-worth, Courage, and Self-love). Bring them all together and have a discussion about the problem - as Fear what he has to say on a certain subject and if you want to dispense with him altogether, send him away in a bubble or blow him up. Every time you blow up your bogeymen you are mentally detoxing. And if you have a difficult thing to do - such as asking your boss for a raise - think about who you need to come with you. If you become aware of your team you can choose who you can have on it.'

Deborah Marshall-Warren is the author of Mind Detox (Thorsons, £8.99), which is also available as an audiocassette (£6.99). For a private consultation, which lasts 90 minutes, call [020-7838 0765]. She usually recommends clients have three to five sessions.

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